St. Paul's Senior Secondary School, Udaipur


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Message from the Principal

"Satyam Muktaye"

St. Paul's school provides education with a vision. The educational legacy of our school is to prepare children for a life worth living founded on the Motto: "Satyam Muktaye". Students learn various subjects and vital moral and ethical values from the activities conducted. Our school believes in co-ordinating all the activities based on specific themes for each session, for example in 2013-14 Family, 2014-15 Transformation, 2015-16 Responsibility , 2016-17 Universal Brotherhood . The school reflects and acts out on these themes. 'Learner's Carnival is another added feature where students will be getting an opportunity to research, enquire, show creativity and innovation, use high-end technology. Parents Principal interaction is also conducted class wise focusing on family values and responsible parenthood. Every Saturday value-education / class-teachers interaction with 5-6 parents as well as self-assessment of the students are done. The students are taught about their social responsibilities through Social Service Camps organised annually in the remote rural areas. Sharing in the hardships of the village folk and helping the needy through Shramdaan is done under the reach out programme of the school. Mandatory Seminars for parents, teachers and students are conducted annually. Creating a positive and co-operative attitude within the educational system is welcomed. Alumni meets are held annually whereby living examples of learning, earning and returning are shared by the Alumni which serve as inspirations for the current students. The aim is to shift from being merely educational centres to becoming knowledge and skill developing centres.